Mercedes Schneider noticed that Education Week published an article about a study that was released in October 2015. The study claimed that the PARCC test predicted success in college. Our new not-best friend Laura Slover, the CEO of PARCC, tweeted that the study demonstrated the sucess of the PARCC test at showing who was prepared for college.


Except, Mercedes says, it doesn’t and it didn’t.  She points out that the participants in the study were already enrolled in college, so the tests predicted nothing about their college readiness.


She writes:


Moreover, even though there exists no study concerning the predictive validity of PARCC, some states have bypassed this astounding fact to make passing PARCC a graduation requirement. (There is a lawsuit over PARCC as a graduation requirement in New Jersey, where SAT and ACT are currently acceptable options. Maryland also uses PARCC as a graduation requirement “for students enrolled in PARCC-aligned courses.” Rhode Island is facing using PARCC as a 2017 graduation requirement, though the commissioner of education does not seem to want to do so.)


A PARCC spokeswoman said that the consortium plans to conduct a longitudinal study in the next two years.


Mercedes responds:


High-stakes sale first, then validation research in the years to follow.