Mercedes Schneider, high school teacher, blogger, and Ph.D. in research statistics wrote an open letter to Laura Slover, CEO of PARCC, to ask for documentation of Slover’s efforts to suppress critical articles and tweets about the PARCC test. She invited Slover to respond and promised to post her letter in full.


Mercedes reviewed Slover’s response to Teachers College Professor Celia Oyler. She wondered why the threat of legal action came from Slover, not a lawyer.


She wondered why PARCC didn’t add the three items in Oyler’s post to the 800 items that have already been released. Wouldn’t that be simpler than trying to silence the dozens of bloggers who reposted Oyler’s post?


She noted Slover’s claim that every PARCC item had been created and reviewed by educators. She asked Slover to release the names and credentials of those who wrote and reviewed the questions.


Let’s see if Laura Slover answers Mercedes’ letter.