Ben Stein is a sane conservative and a professional humorist. In this article, he explains why Donald Trump’s economic ideas are a threat to the stability of the global economy. Trump recently said he could save billions by making a deal with the nation’s creditors and not paying back 100 cents on the dollar on bonds–in other words, abandoning the “full faith and credit” that maintains the trustworthiness of the American dollar. Stein explains why this is a terrible idea that shows that one can’t import the finagling of the businessman into world economics. His view: Trump was not a good businessman, and he needs to find some experienced advisors fast and listen to them.



What has this to do with education? This too is a realm where non-educators have imposed ideas that  come from the business world. Our children are not “products,” test scores are not profits or losses, and education leaders are not CEOs.