Two teachers plan to raise money to pay for a fiscal audit of Detroit public schools, which the legislature refuses to pay for. We often hear legislators call for school accountability. Who will be held accountable for the financial mess in Detroit? More than 40,000 children need trachers, small classes, the arts, clean and healthy schools, supplies, libraries, social workers, guidance counselors, psychologists. Where did the money go?




“DPS teachers Nina Chacker (mobile 3134075446) and Zack Sweet (mobile 2163084460) will be staffing a Lemonade Stand at Eastern Market this Saturday from 9 am to noon to raise funds for a financial audit of DPS under Emergency Management. The stand will be located at the gazebo on Russell Street.



“An amendment introduced by Michigan Representative Brian Banks to the House package of bills restructuring DPS had called for an audit of DPS finances since 2009, but was defeated along party lines last week despite Republican concerns about various fiscal anomalies under a series of Governor-appointed Emergency Managers. Ellen Cogen Lipton, former House Education Committee Minority Chair, has estimated that the teachers will need to raise at least $500,000 through lemonade sales to afford the fiscal accountability that teachers are calling for. Teachers have expressed dismay at recent statements by Emergency Manager Steven Rhodes that the district might be unable to meet its contractual obligations to DPS staff, and believe funding the fiscal audit will help taxpayers and the Michigan legislature better understand where all the money has gone.



Dr. Thomas C. Pedroni
Associate Professor, Curriculum Studies
Wayne State University”