The Boston Globe reports that Boston gave McKinsey $660,000 to audit the schools. McKinsey proposed that the city could save millions by closing 40% of its public schools.



“A controversial city-ordered audit of Boston Public Schools suggested the district could save up to $85 million a year by closing 40 percent of its schools, according to newly released documents from the study.


“The March 5, 2015, draft by the management consulting firm McKinsey & Co. is much more detailed than a shorter version released to the public in December. The longer draft contains elements that did not appear in the previously released version that will likely be unpopular among parents.”


Last fall, when rumors flew that Mayor Marty Walsh made a secret deal to close 36 public schools—after campaigning against school closings and charter schools–the mayor’s office vehemently denied it.


The McKinsey report was written more than a year ago. It was kept secret. The fix is in.


What else would you expect in a city with mayoral control that hired a Broadie as superintendent? When Briadies arrive, public schools close.