The Washington State Education Association and other groups are suing to block the funding of charter schools in Washington State.


The battle over charters has gone on for years. There have been four referenda: the first three blocked charters. The fourth, in 2012, won by less than 1% after Bill Gates and fellow billionaires dumped nearly $20 million into the campaign. The funding was challenged in court and the state’s highest court ruled that charter schools are not public schools because they have private governance.


The oligarchs lobbied hard, persuaded Democrats to fund the 1,000 children in charters at the same time the legislature took no action on a court order to fund equitably the public schools that enroll the state’s 1 million children.


The WEA is going back to court to block the new funding, on grounds that charters are not public schools.


The only democratic institution untouched by Gates’ power to date is the courts. Let’s see what happens next.


Kudos to WEA for defending public schools.