In the wake of massive technology breakdowns in the online testing in Tennessee and Alaska, this teacher posted a warning:

“Based on my experiences trying to teach lessons with various age groups in the computer lab, I must say I am not surprised by the technology issues when giving a statewide test. The Buffalo Publc School System couldn’t support a normal day’s worth of computer use. In our lab of thirty computers, a number of computers were broken and wouldn’t turn on, several were missing a keyboard or the mouse, some kids forgot their passwords, the hardware took at least five minutes to boot up, and some computers crashed or froze midlesson.

“In a state like New York with over a million students, I shiver to think about the log jam that will occur when everyone logs in at once. Alaska’s problems will look like a walk in the park.

“Of course, they all think it can’t happen here. I simply refer the administrators to Murphy’s Law when the make their arrangements.”