You have the right to refuse the state tests.


Here is how you do it in New York.


For information about your own state, go to the website of United Opt Out.


Do you want to know why to opt out?


Here is a short summary. The tests now in use are tied to a cut score (passing mark) that guarantees that about 70% of all students will fail. The tests will be especially harmful to students with disabilities and students who are English language learners. But the harm extends far beyond those students.


The tests do not provide any useful information. They will tell you whether your child is a 1, 2, 3, or 4. What good is that? It will tell you what percentile rank your child is. What good is that? The test will not help your child or her teacher. It will label your school as a failure because of low scores (it is designed to produce low pass rates). If your school is labeled a failure, it will be set up to be taken over by a charter chain. You will lose your community public school because of the data produced by the test. The testing companies will make money. Your child will gain nothing. In fact, while taking the test online, the testing company will gather data about your child that will be mined for developing products.


Protect your child. Opt Out in 2016!