The following comment was posted on the blog on Saturday. I won’t add the teacher’s name but you can find it if you search the comments.



She writes:


“As a public school teacher working and fighting for the #SchoolsOurStudentsDeserve, I can understand the conflict about coming to NC. As much as I’d like for NC to not gain one cent from NPE, I also know how much the educators and public school supporters here need support. Not just through emails, blog posts, and social media, but they need to see people, real people, showing up to stand against the regressive, dangerous rhetoric and laws being used in our General Assembly and Governor’s office. I would rather NPE come and everyone in attendance participate in a mass action on our state house or in the streets of Raleigh to show that we ALL stand together against any injustice, to show that we see how ALL of our lives are interconnected, and that if just one student, teacher, parent, or citizen is discriminated against, then we will ALL fight back for those people. Public schools can be a great equalizer, if we also find ways to make our community equitable for students and families when they leave the school door. Come to North Carolina, NPE, and bring your strong spirits, your inspiring words, and maybe even your marching shoes. And if you are worried about supporting this unjust legislature, I’m sure we can gather a list of businesses that have come out with statements against the hateful HB2 so that you know who deserves your presence and your patronization.”