The state legislature in Georgia is nearing the passage of legislation that would reduce the number of mandated tests and reduce the role of tests in teacher evaluations.


Legislators are responding to complaints about the sheer quantity of tests. They also recognize that the state’s test-based evaluation has caused high attition, especially among new teachers.


Not everyone was pleased with the reduction in testing pressure:


“Some still oppose the rollback in Georgia, including the group StudentsFirst, which pushes for better public schools and more alternatives to them. At a hearing in the House last week, Georgia director Michael O’Sullivan said research supports the use of test results in a third to a half of teacher job reviews, and Ryan Mahoney, regional director of the Foundation for Excellence in Education, a group founded by former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, said students need to get used to taking tests since they’ll be taking them to get a driver’s license, to gain admission to college and to get a job. “Tests are a part of life,” he said.”



Unfortunately, the same proposal adds tests for children in first and second grades, “to be sure they are on track.” On track for what? For taking standardized tests in third grade. Can’t trust their teacher’s judgment. Tests know best.