I posted last night about a DFER statement commending Senator Sanders for endorsing “public charter schools.”


Contrary to some readers’ responses, I have been completely even-handed in dealing with both candidates. I applaud them when they recognize that charter schools are damaging public schools. I criticize them when they support privatization by charter.


I previously applauded when Hillary Clinton criticized charter schools, then was critical of Hillary when an aide “walked back” her criticism. 


Similarly, I applauded Senator Bernie Sanders when he said unequivocally that he opposed charter schools. And last night when I learned about Senator Sanders latest comment, I at first didn’t believe it.


I was stunned to listen to the radio broadcast in which Sanders was asked the question, “Do you support vouchers and charters?”


He answered that he does not support public funding of private schools.


He was then asked, “Do you support public charter schools?”


He answered “Yes.”


Readers of this blog know that Eva Moskowitz claims that her Success Academy charters are “public schools,” even though she fights public audits, refuses to sign contracts for pre-K, closes school for political demonstrations, and excludes children she doesn’t want.


Please, someone, contact Bernie’s office and find out if he understands that there is nothing about “public charter schools” that is public other than the money they get from government, like Lockheed Martin or Boeing or other contractors.


Send him tweets and emails.


In a hotly contested election, we need to encourage both Democratic candidates to stand up for public education with democratic governance.