Jeff Bryant always goes to the heart of the issues. He recognizes that K-12 education has not played a role in this presidential campaign. He recounts the dreary corporate reform narrative of failure, which is a flat out way to mask and evade the damage done by economic inequality and poverty. 

But in this post, he sees the emergence of a new narrative, one built on facts, evidence, and reason, as well as common sense. 

He writes: 

“This new narrative is familiar to parents and educators and anyone who can reflect on their own education journey: that every child has the innate ability to learn, that access to education opportunity is an inalienable right, and that it is incumbent on government to provide education opportunities as a common good, free and accessible to all.
“This may not sound like a new story – indeed, it’s as old as America itself – but it’s a radical departure from the current policy that constricts educational opportunity by imposing financial austerity, expanding private ownership of the system, and using narrow-minded measures of what constitutes “results.””
The new narrative begins now, with the release of the NPE report card, which takes into account the equitable and adequate funding of public education; class size; opportunity to learn; teacher professionalism; resistance toprivatization; and the many other factors that strengthen public education and move us towards equality of educational opportunity, instead of ranking and sorting children. 
It is a good read. I recommend it.