This is the weekly roundup of testing resistance news from Fairtest, which has been fighting the misuse and overuse of standardized testing for decades:



Any notion that the new federal education law would slow the grassroots testing resistance and reform movement should be put to rest by even a quick skim of this week’s headlines. From Alaska to Florida and Maine to California parents, educators and community activists are escalating pressure on state and local policy makers to reduce testing volume, eliminate high stakes and support better forms of assessment.



National How Should Educators React to New, Federal ESSA?



Multiple States GED Lowers Passing Score, Tens of Thousand More Young People May Receive Credentials



Alabama Test-Based “Merit Pay” Has Serious Flaws



Alaska State Likely to Dump New Standardized Test
Alaska Why Administer Tests Whose Results Are Not Meaningful?



California Feds Urged Not to Intrude on State’s Assessment Reforms
California Students Stymied by Exit Exam May Now Qualify for Diplomas



Connecticut The Lies Behind Making the SAT a Mandatory 11th Grade Test
Connecticut Educators Seek Moratorium on Test-Based Teacher Evaluations



Florida Legislature’s Testing Proposals Are “Accoutabaloney”
Florida House Minority Leader Urges Parents to Consider Opting Their Children Out of State Tests
Florida My Son Should Dream, Not Have Testing Nightmares



Georgia Governor Backs Off on Plan for Test-Based Teacher Pay



Illinois Grassroots Opt-Out Campaign Derails Common Core Test



Indiana Governor Signs Bill Holding Schools, Teachers Harmless for Flawed State Test Scores
Indiana Trial Run of New Test Exam Reveals Technical Problems



Maine What Will Replace Smarter Balanced Testing?



Maryland Legislative Leaders Plan to Act on School Testing Reform



Michigan Teachers, Students Held Hostage By Endless Tests



Montana Senator Urges U.S. Ed. Department to Encourage States to Reduce Testing



Nebraska New Federal Education Law a Welcome Change from “No Child” Mandates



New Jersey Governor Signs Law Requiring Parental Pre-Notification of Testing Schedule, Assessment Details



New Mexico Legislature Preparing for Fight Over Third-Grade Retention Proposal



New York Hundreds of Teachers Received Erroneous Scores Linked to Student Tests



North Carolina Education Advocates Call for End to Test-Based Teacher Evaluation



Ohio Consider Source of School Grades



Oregon Open Letter Urges Supers and School Boards Not to Interfere with Opt Outs



Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Governor Joins Legislators in Supporting Exit Exam Requirement Delay
Pennsylvania Grad Test Delay is Well Justified



Rhode Island Panel Examining Alternatives to Testing



Tennessee Bill Would Let Parents Review Questions and Answers From Their Kids State Tests
Tennessee Teachers Could Get a Break From Some Testing Pressures



Vermont State Seeks New Way to Evaluate Schools Under Revised Federal Education Law



ACT/SAT New College Admissions Study Says SAT Should Be Optional
ACT/SAT Do Admissions Exams Predict Anything Colleges Need to Know
ACT/SAT Siena Heights University to Drop Admissions Test Requirements
SAT Integrity Falls Victim To Cheating Scandal



Overcoming the Pressure to Test



Let’s Replace Transcripts, Tests and Grades With Portfolios



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