Three years ago, Mercedes Schneider started her blog. Today it turned three. She reveals here how much money she has taken from unions and billionaires.


Her blog has been hugely successful, for a few reasons.


First of all, Mercedes is unusual because she is a classroom teacher in Louisiana with a Ph.D. in research methods and statistics. She left teaching in a university to teach high school kids because she enjoys it.


Second, Mercedes is a prodigious researcher, and she comes up with discoveries that others missed.


Third, she has her own voice. She is a character, a real southerner and Louisianan, and she has fashioned a style that combines her intellect, her colloquialisms, and her research.


Fourth, she is fearless. She will tackle her governor, her state superintendent, or the billionaire boys who are wreaking havoc with public education. She afflicts the comfortable, and comforts the afflicted.


Her books (she has written a new one every summer for the last three years) have been tremendous contributions to those wanting to understand the silent takeover of public education by corporate interests. The first was Chronicle of Echoes (a description of the corporate reform movement and its movers and shakers), the second was Common Core Dilemma (a history of the Common Core), and the third will be coming out soon, on the history and dangers of school choice.


Thank you, Mercedes. You are one of a kind.