Mercedes Schneider has posted a powerful visual description of conditions in Detroit’s battered and neglected public schools.

The emergency manager of DPS is Darnell Earley, who previously was EM in Flint. While in Flint, he was responsible for cutting off safe water and poisoning the people of Flint. He saved money, but the damage done by lead poisoning may cost the state hundreds of millions in litigation and corrective measures.

What might he do to the children of DPS?


Look at the pictures, see the video, and ask yourself: How could any state allow children to attend school in such dilapidated and filthy buildings? Who would willingly let their child go to schools that the state has shamefully abused and neglected?


In our federal system, the state is responsible for a system of public schools. Are Michigan officials allowing the public schools to rot so as to encourage flight to charter schools?