A comment by a reader:




I have been a teacher of special needs children in NYC for the past eleven years and also have an advanced degree in educational administration. I am now looking to utilize it.


Here’s my issue– I just took a Pearson test under the most arcane circumstances.


It was the eight hour marathon of the two-part school building leader exam. Throughout the exam on a computer that was not functioning right, jack hammers were being pile driven above my head (and other test takers like me) on the floor above the “Pearson Professional Building” test site. They gave us tight headphones to wear and the vibrations were still felt. It was insane! Fun fact, did you know that Pearson does not allow you to bring water into the testing room? It’s true. For four hours at a shot you have to find water elsewhere. Are they afraid I would find my answers to the 600 word essays floating in the bottle?


If you have to use the bathroom, or grab some water, it takes five minutes to leave the premises because first you raise your hand, and hope that your ‘proctor’ sees you behind the glass, comes inside, turns off your computer (which is still ticking down), then you have to have your palm scanned, and show them your ID then run the ten second hundred yard dash to a key in bathroom. Reverse the process when through. On part two of the exam (seven hours in) – I held my body in check with dehydration and hallucinations floating along simultaneously because I did not want to lose valuable time on the clock. In my exhausted opinion, these tests are more of an endurance meet then a skills test for the field. I felt like it was a cult indoctrination, or a cruel hazing ceremony from college before being expelled.


I wish the world of politicians and other loudmouths and crack-pots could see inside the vail of the Pearson testing empire. Thanks for reading!