Mike Klonsky says Rahm is on an apology tour. But he is not apologizing for closing 50 schools.


Rahm appointed charter cheerleader to the Chicago school board, and more charters are on the way.


“The Guzman appointment and Rahm’s commitment to wild charter school expansion may seem puzzling to anyone looking at the underutilization list. The list contains dozens of supposedly underutilized high schools appearing side-by-side with underutilized charter schools.


“Among those on the list are several from the Noble Charter Network. That’s the group that was pushed back in its attempt to invade the north side recently. They just opened a new charter high school directly across the street from Prosser, even while many of their existing schools are stilling partially empty. Now Prosser is completely surrounded by competing charter schools.


“Among the many other charters on the list, are highly-touted Urban Prep, three Perspectives charters. and three KIPP charter schools.


“Isn’t it clear by now that CPS has to be taken out from under the control of City Hall?”