Our reader Chiara has often observed that when the charter industry decided to expand in a state or district, the subject of charters dominates public discourse. Even though only 5% of a state’s children are enrolled in charters, the legislature and the media become obsessed with charters. The 95% of children enrolled in public schools disappear. It is as though public schools no longer exist.

In the corporate reform echo chamber, she notes, public schools do not exist, except as places for testing,’z

She wrote recently:

“In “today in the ed reform echo chamber” news, here’s The 74:


“Charters, charter politics, teacher union politics and testing.

“The only time actual, existing public schools are even included is when they’re promoting testing public school students.

“The consistent omission of anything positive or even substantive regarding public schools except for 1. denigration of unions or 2. promotion of testing is really pretty remarkable when you think about it, and it’s like that on all the ed reform sites.

“If you arrived from another country and read only ed reform sites you would believe all US schools are charter schools and the number one priority of US lawmakers is testing.

“It would be okay if this were just a bunch of lobbyists or some fringe political group, but ed reformers dominate DC and most state governments. This echo chamber IS the status quo.”