Steve Singer, a teacher-blogger in Pennsylvania, is willing to give Hillary Clinton the benefit of the doubt. She doesn’t want to close half the schools in the nation. She mis-spoke. 
But what does trouble him is that she made an off-hand comment about closing schools as a fix for low performance. This is a standard corporate reform strategy that destabilizes communities without helping children. 
What did Hillary mean? Only she can answer. It is time for her to devote a speech to explaining where she stands on K-12 education. Will she stand up against for-profit charter schools? Will she propose legislation to require financial transparency and accountability for charter operators? Will she speak out against failed virtual charters? Will she propose programs that address poverty? Will she oppose vouchers, whether they are called opportunity scholarships, tax credits, or education savings accounts? Will she fight for collective bargaining rights in states where they are under attack? Will she support teacher professionalism?
Only Hillary can answer these questions. We know where she stands on pre-K and higher education. It is time for her to tell the nation her views on the K-12 issues that concern parents and educators. Not as off-hand remarks, but with care and forethought.