Yesterday, I posted about the lead poisoning of many children in Flint, Michigan, that resulted from shutting off the supply of safe water and replacing it with water from the polluted Flint River. Readers might wonder what happened to the man who made that decision. This reader responded: He is now Emergency Manager of the Detroit Public Schools. He was appointed to this position last January by Governor Rick Snyder.


She wrote:



And what is the current job description for former Flint emergency manager Darnell Earley? He is governor-appointed Emergency Manger of Detroit Public Schools. One would think that even Rick Snyder would feel compelled to remove Earley from his position in Detroit after learning of the Flint water scandal, but one would be wrong… Earley has continued to wreak havoc on Detroit Public Schools, serving Detroit’s students the educational equivalent of contaminated water. I was surprised that Rachel Maddow didn’t include this information in her otherwise excellent piece on Flint.