John Kass of the Chicago Tribune has advice for federal investigators: Subpoena Rahm’s emails if you really want to find out why the video of Laquan McDonald’s death was suppressed for a year.


He writes:


Order his Department of Justice to subpoena all of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s emails and other electronic messages from personal and public accounts. And subpoena those of his kitchen cabinet, as well.


Rahm does the public’s business in the shadows, just like Hillary Clinton.


Justice Department lawyers should go back to the day McDonald, a 17-year-old black teenager, was shot to death by a white Chicago cop, and then read Rahm’s email, one by one, texts, too, through all those months Rahm fought Freedom of Information Act requests in order to keep the police dash-cam video under wraps.


Sources tell me that federal investigators have asked Chicago police about their own private texts and emails pertaining to the McDonald shooting.


So why shouldn’t the DOJ ask the mayor about his emails and texts? He’s not some beat cop working an overnight shift. He’s the mayor.


If Obama is not serious about Rahm’s emails, then he should cancel the newly announced DOJ civil rights investigation into the Chicago police and hold a beer summit instead….


The root is why that McDonald dash-cam recording was kept under wraps through Rahm’s re-election.


Anything less is just a game designed to move the focus away from City Hall, away from Rahm, away from the politicians who helped re-elect him, away from where it belongs.


Subpoenas for Rahm’s emails — as well as those of his kitchen cabinet and other insiders — would give the DOJ a clearer picture of why City Hall sat on the McDonald police dash-cam video for months.


Remember that the McDonald video remained safely under wraps, and Rahm, with the support of black political leaders, skated to re-election with some 57 percent of the black vote in Chicago.