Politico reports that President Obama will sign the Every Student Succeeds Act today, right now, this morning, wasting no time. ESSA is an unusual example of both national teachers’ unions working closely with the GOP majority in Congress. The unions are enthusiastic about the bill and lobbied Congress heavily to remove AYP and other obnoxious features of NLB and Race to the Top.


Here is Hillary’s take:


– Democratic 2016 frontrunner Hillary Clinton praised the bill, saying it wasn’t perfect, but it “retains a commitment to high academic standards, enables communities to strike a better balance on testing, requires districts and states to take action to turn around struggling schools, and allows states to take a holistic approach when measuring school success.” One of her Democratic opponents, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, sat out the Senate’s vote today. So did two Republican candidates, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, although the latter put out a statement denouncing the bill. Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, another 2016 contender, was one of 12 senators who voted no. Kimberly Hefling with more: http://politico.pro/1RFsP08.


– Some sharp eyes noticed that Clinton praised the bill for making resources available to “expand high-quality public charter schools.” Was this a deliberate attempt to tone down her rhetoric? Clinton has been a long time charter supporter, but issued a pretty strident rebuke to the sector last month [http://politi.co/1HsRpP4].

– As Obama signs the bill , the White House is releasing a report of progress made in K-12 education since he took office and how ESSA will cement that progress. The report: http://bit.ly/1lwetDg.