I recently saw two excellent documentaries on television. I highly recommend both.


One was narrated by Fareed Zakaria; its title: “Terror in Mumbai.” It appeared on HBO. I vividly remember the horrible events, when 10 terrorists landed in Mumbai in 2008 and killed dozens of people–at the train station, in hotels, in a Jewish center, and at other sites. At the time, there was great confusion about how many terrorists there were, what happened, and why. Now we know. The Indian police were totally unprepared. But most interesting was to learn that the Indian intelligence service managed to tune into the frequency used to communicate between the terrorists and their controller, who gave them instructions and constantly reminded them to create as much havoc as possible. He also reminded them that they would succeed only if they died.


The second documentary is called “The Hunting Ground.” It appeared on CNN. It is about sexual assaults on campus. A number of young women (and some young men) have organized to tell their stories and to expose their universities’ indifference to their reports of rape and other assaults. What’s shocking about this story is the hypocrisy of the universities, all of which claimed that took these reports “very seriously.” Yes, very seriously. If the alleged assailant was a star athlete, the chances of a genuine investigation were slim to none.


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