In a comment on the blog a few weeks ago, there was discussion about how difficult it is to stand up to the powerful. I could not help but think of the resistance group that I most admire: the White Rose Society. This was a group of German youths–young men and women- who actively stood up to Nazi totalitarianism. They wrote leaflets and distributed them; they wrote graffiti in public places. They were passionately opposed to Naziism, and they were determined not to remain silent. They were well aware that if they were caught, they would be killed. They were active for less than a year. They were captured in 1943, tried, found guilty, and most were beheaded. Their cause was hopeless, and they knew it. But they also believed that in time, the scourge of fascism and totalitarianism would be defeated. History has vindicated them. Few will have the strength to do what they did. But they must not be forgotten. Their example should live as an inspiration, reminding us that resistance can wear down the worst of regimes.


You can read more about them here.