Did he change course because of publicity?

Just in: 

“It’s not true! It’s not true!”…

or so says Mayor Walsh in a press release from a half-hour agao:

Statement from Chief Communications Officer, Laura Oggeri

For Immediate Release

November 09, 2015

Released By:

Mayor’s Office

 — For More Information Contact:

Mayor’s Press Office


Below is a statement from Laura Oggeri, Chief Communications Officer for the City of Boston:

“The Mayor has never said, nor does he have a plan to close 36 schools. Mayor Walsh has proven his dedication to Boston Public Schools by, in the past year alone, providing unprecedented budgetary support, extending learning time for students, adding 200 pre-kindergarten seats to the district, and hiring a first-class Superintendent. The Mayor also launched a multi-year Educational and Facilities Master Plan this fall to guide smart investments in Boston’s schools with the goal of providing all students with a high-quality, 21st-century education.  

The Esquire article is untrue and unsourced, and references meetings that the Mayor has never had. We are extremely disappointed at the spread of misinformation.”