The NPE Political Action Fund endorses Dr. Lottie Beebe for election to the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education. Zealots for privatization captured the Board at the last election. Help supporters of public education restore the Board as the protector of the state’s public schools.

The Network for Public Education enthusiastically encourages voters in Louisiana’s District 3 to return incumbent Dr. Lottie Beebe to her seat on the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE).

Louisiana author, teacher, researcher and blogger Mercedes Schneider agrees, stating, “She has consistently stood against the privatizing BESE majority. Be sure to re-elect her.”

Dr. Beebe has worked in and around education for 32 years. She has been an elementary and special education teacher, assistant principal, principal, supervisor, director, and currently serves as the superintendent of the St. Martin Parish Schools.

Back in 2012, Dr. Beebe demonstrated courage and bravery when she spoke out against the state spending nearly $1 million on ill trained Teach For America recruits. Lottie Beebe believes in public education; she believes that children should have well-prepared professional teachers.

Fast forward to 2015, and Dr. Beebe has a clear understanding of the teacher shortage states across the nation are now facing. She has vowed that she “will make every effort to address teacher attrition concerns in Louisiana.” Dr. Beebe continued that, “without quality teachers in the classroom, we can’t expect improvements in student outcomes. The education profession has been vilified and I hope to change the negative public perception of those who go above and beyond the call of duty”

Dr. Beebe has stated that during her term on BESE, Louisiana has been in a state of “educational chaos.” She attributes this chaos to a lack of leadership.

The next BESE board will evaluate the contract of current Louisiana State Superintendent, the controversial reformer John White. When White was hired, Dr. Beebe fought for a fair and transparent hiring process. Instead, the BESE majority hired White, who did not meet state requirements for the position. Dr. Beebe will continue to fight for a state superintendent who is a true educational leader.

Louisiana educator Bridget Bergeron said Dr. Beebe, “speaks out loudly and with conviction against the faux reforms and hidden agendas led by the state superintendent and fellow board members. She has proven that she has what it takes to move us forward in improving outcomes for our public school children in Louisiana.”

Dr. Beebe’s work on BESE must continue, but she is facing a well-financed reform candidate who is a self-described “fierce advocate for school choice.” It has recently been reported that hundreds of thousands of dollars, including money from the Waltons and Eli Broad, have been flowing into Louisiana PACs in order to keep the current reform majority and Superintendent White in place for another four years.

We all must do what we can to keep Dr. Beebe’s courageous voice on BESE. Please spread the word about Dr. Beebe’s campaign, and donate or volunteer your time to keep this committed, experienced educator in the District 3 seat.