Colorado public television Brian Malone’s documentary about the “reform”movement, called “Education, Inc.” The showing was followed by a debate, involving pro- and anti- views. 

This is a huge breakthrough, first, because Brian was able to bring the issue to a public audience. And second, because Colorado is a major stronghold of the “reform” movement. Senator Michael Bennett, former superintendent of the Denver schools, is a favorite of DFER (the hedge funders and equity investors), which is a source of funding for privatization. At every election, whether state or local, out of state money pours in to assure reformster control. Colorado also has one of the worst, most punitive educator evaluations in the nation, thanks to State Senator Michael Johnston (ex-TFA).

The panel discussing Brian’s film included Brian, the president of the Independence Institute (ALEC), the vice-president of the Colorado Education Association, the leader of a pro-school choice group, and a reporter from “Chalkbeat.” 

Here is the link to the program, which is the debate about it. To learn more about Brian’s excellent film, go to his website.

By the way, it was funded by Brian Malone.