If you read one blog post today, make it this one.

It is a comic strip (along the lines of “Charlie Hebdo”) that shows why American students are “screwed” by a system that causes them to start life deep in debt.

In the Nordic countries (Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden), higher education is a basic right, and universal access is free. Students even get a stipend to help with their expenses.

Why? Because education is the ultimate investment in a nation’s future.

We say we want more students to go to college; we want them to be college-and-career-ready. President Ibama says by 2020, we should have the highest college graduation rate in the world.

The credentials needed for good jobs go higher and higher. People with a college degree earn more than those without one.

But we have policies that put college education out of reach or make it a financial burden for those who want a college education. Our federal Department of Education pays billions to subpar, predatory for-profit colleges and universities with very low graduation rates, despite the fact that they prey on the poor, minorities, and immigrants trying to improve their lives but ending up deep in debt with a crummy education.

Just open the link.