The Sacramento Bee, which has been very supportive of Mayor Kevin Johnson and also of corporate reform, posted a story about the postponement of the ESPN film about how he saved the hometown basketball team.

The article on the newspaper’s blog says the molestation accusations were reported long ago, they are old news, and the only thing new is the surfacing of the video of the accuser being questioned by the police. Putting a face on the alleged victim revived the story.

If you watch the video, it may strike you as odd that this teenager is questioned by a middle-aged policeman, who asks her intimate questions about what happened to her. Maybe this is standard police practice, but it seemed to me that she should have been questioned by a female police officer.

After reading the story, I was left with the impression that the newspaper thinks this story is no big deal, that it will blow over, and that life will go on for the Mayor.