Mercedes Schneider read an appeal for help from Peter Cunningham, the editor or CEO of a blog called Education Post.

And this was her reaction.

Peter was Assistant Secretary for Communications (or something like that) on behalf of Arne Duncan during the first term of the Obama administration. When he left, as Mercedes shows, Eli Broad asked him to start a blog to rebut all those pro-public education bloggers out there who were dominating social media So, Broad gathered a few other 1%-ers (Bloomberg and Walton), and together they chipped in $12 million for the new blog to promote charter schools, merit pay, high-stakes testing, and other tenets of the “reform” movement led by Arne Duncan.

Read this story in the Washington Post announcing the new blog, but read the comments too. They are hilarious. You can see that the blog had a problem from the get-go and needed some masterful PR.

But it appears that the message is not getting through. Even with $12 million, social media is still dominated by bloggers like Mercedes, Peter Greene, Anthony Cody, EduShyster, Jersey Jazzman, Jonathan Pelto, Mother Crusader, Paul Thomas, Julian Vasquez Heilig, and lots of others who aren’t paid. They write with passion and conviction because they are filled with passion and conviction.

These bloggers prove what Daniel Pink, Dan Ariely, Edward Deci, and other cognitive psychologists have written about motivation. Idealism and autonomy beat rewards every time.