I have been on many talk shows. I do so with a sense of urgency because I want to inform the public about the all-out corporate assault on public education. Before I speak, I think of all the parents, teachers, and principals who have contacted me with heartbreaking stories about children and schools injured by what is now happening across the nation. My two favorite experiences were with Jon Stewart and Bill Moyers. I have also gone on Chris Hayes, Ed Schultz, and Charlue Rose, among others. I even got to debate Geoffrey Canada on NBC’s Education Nation. The two shows that have never invited me to speak for Anerucan public education are Rachel Maddow and Morning Joe. Maddow almost never mentions education. But Morning Joe has invited all the big-time reformers on to bash teachers and public schools.

It turns out that Joe’s obsession this season is Hillary hating. In this post, two Hillary supporters catalogue Joe’s relentless effort to destroy Hillary.

I am well aware that most readers of this blog strongly support Bernie. I am not making any commitments until I learn more about the candidates’ views on the issues I care about, as well as the viability of their candidacy.

Be that as it may, I urge you to read this article. There is something sick, repulsive, and sexist about Joe (and Mika’s) hatred for Hillary. Read it and you will see how low NBC has sunk to allow this vitriol. reminded me of the one-sided slant of Education Nation. It is as if Fox News got a slot on NBC.

My favorite Education Nation line: when Brian Williams proclaimed, “Bill Gates paid for this programming, and we are relying on his facts.” That was the most truthful comment of the show.

From the article:

“You can set your clock by this: turn on MSNBC any morning of the week and you’ll immediately be served a big, rancid dose of Hillary hate. Women will instantly recognize the bullying taunts, the condescending eye rolls, the seething sarcasm. It is the sound and sight of misogyny in action, the verbal bashing of a woman because she’s a woman.

“No male candidate is ever treated with the same disdain and disrespect. No self-respecting network would ever stand for it. Hillary Clinton is the sole exception; the rules of decency and dignity do not apply to her when it comes to Morning Joe.

“Named for former Florida congressman Joe Scarborough, a reliably radical right-wing member of Newt Gingrich’s infamous Contract with America crew, Morning Joe is Opie and Anthony for the Beltway political set. In the 2016 cycle, MSNBC’s “morning zoo for politics” has devolved into a daily frat boy fest of grins, sneers, giggles and endless sexist dog whistles.

“All that’s missing is Baba Booey.

“As Hillary Clinton attempts to make history as America’s first woman president, Morning Joe has emerged as the global headquarters of the He-Man Hillary Haters Club, with Scarborough and co-host Mika Brzezinski presiding over a daily boys club that relentlessly attacks Hillary’s candidacy, her accomplishments, her very humanity. It is an ugly and self-righteous spectacle, rife with misleading allegations, insinuations and false indignation. Searching for words to describe Morning Joe’s particular brand of anti-Hillary invective, we’ve described it as “an unhealthy and unhinged combination of envy, awe, muted rage and dripping disdain.”