This is a scary possibility. The rewrite of No Child Left Behind was on track after months of work.

This is from the Washington Post:

— Even the rewrite of the No Child Left Behind education law, which everyone in both parties agrees needs to happen, might now get derailed. “In July, the Senate passed a bipartisan bill while House Republicans approved a GOP version — the closest they’ve ever come to a new law,” Lyndsey Layton writes. A bunch of conservatives opposed the House GOP bill because they don’t want any federal role in public education at all. “But to reach a deal with the Senate that could also win President Obama’s signature, House negotiators are going to have to compromise with Democrats, who insist the federal government must exercise some oversight of K-12 education.” Bob Wise, a former congressman and West Virginia governor who now runs an advocacy group, said the leadership shake-up means that the chances of a conferenced bill getting a lot of Republican votes is “slim to none.”