Yesterday, I posted that the Network for Public Education had endorsed Lee Barrios for a seat on the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education.

This is an unusually important election. At the last election, corporate reformers from out of state flooded Louisiana with dollars to support a state board controlled by Governor Bobby Jindal. That board went on to endorse charters, vouchers, Common Core, high-stakes testing, and attacks on teachers’ rights.

Over the past few years, we have seen corporate reformers lose elections again and again, despite outspending the candidate who knows the community best. People power can beat money power, if the people are informed.

Lee is a retired teacher, who received National Board certification. She is dedicated to children and to public education.

Please help her if you can. Any contribution will be appreciated.

Lee, knock on as many doors as you can. Stand in front of the post office and the grocery stores. Go where the people are and tell them that out of state billionaires want to buy their public schools and privatize them.

Go, Lee, go!