Peter Greene has a solution to the Washington State charter school problem. We know that charter advocates are very upset because the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools sent out an “urgent” notice, calling on its allies to write to Washington Governor Jay Inslee and urge him to call the legislature into special session to keep the state’s handful of charter schools open. This doesn’t seem to be a good solution, because neither the governor nor the legislature can override a decision by the state’s highest court, which said that charter schools were unconstitutional because they are not “common schools” controlled by an elected school board. In other words, contrary to the state constitution, they are not public schools and cannot use money designated for public schools.

Peter Greene says there is a simple solution to solve this issue.

Just submit to being overseen by an elected school board.

Act like the public schools you claim to be. Make your finances and operation completely transparent to the public.

And allow yourselves to be overseen by an elected school board instead of a collection of individuals who are not answerable to the voters or the taxpayers.

I mean– what’s more important to you? Providing a strong educational alternative for those 1,200 students, or holding on your ability to do whatever you want without having to answer to the public? Is it so important to you that you not be accountable to the public that you would rather engage in timeconsuming rewrites of state law, or even just close your doors, rather than let yourself submit to transparent and open oversight by a group of citizens elected by the very taxpayers whose money you use to run your school?