Though schoolsy are still closed for the summer in many parts of the country, the weekly testing story count is already exploding. No doubt it’s going to be a most exciting and productive year for assessment reformers. Sta with us for weekly updates and be sure to check the news clip archives ( for articles you may have missed.


Five Years of Stagnant ACT “College Readiness” Scores Show Failure of Test-and-Punish K-12 Strategies

Focus on Standardized Tests Hurts Learning

Most People Don’t Like Current Education Policies, So Why Do Public Officials?

U.S. Bars States From Offering Alternative Tests for Most Students With Disabilities

Multiple States Smarter Balanced Consortium Orders Review of AIR Testing Problems


Arizona Don’t Blame Teachers for Poor Test Scores

California Governor Signs Law Suspending Graduation Exam Requirement
California Legislators Consider Retroactive Diplomas for Students Who Failed Grad Test Over Past Decade
California Time to Abolish Senseless High School Exit Exam

Connecticut Education Commissioner Falsely Blames Teachers for Growing Smarter Balanced Exams Opposition

Florida Validity Study Concludes Computer Tests Should Not Be Used for Student-Level Consequences
Florida In Miami-Dade Schools Every Day is a School Testing Day
Florida State Headed for Testing Turbulence

Georgia Superintendent of the Year Says High Stakes Testing Is The “Fools Gold of Accountability”

Indiana Too Much Riding on Standardized Tests

Maryland Teachers Group Launches TV, Radio Ad Campaign on Testing
Maryland “Less Testing, More Learning” Campaign
Maryland State Comptroller Blasts Pearson Testing Contract

New Mexico You Can Do Something About Testing Overkill

New York State Education Commissioner Says Parents Have a Right to Opt Kids Out of Tests
New York Why So Many Families Opted Out of Standardized Exams
New York Gropes for Alternatives to Sanctions to Slow Surging Opt-Out Movement

North Dakota State to Recover More Than $316,000 for Testing Glitches

Oregon Opt Outs Hold Participation Rate Below 95% in 21 School Districts
Oregon Students Return to Changing Testing Environment
Oregon Kindergarten Testing is Bad for Kids

Pennsylvania Don’t Let Muddled Test Strategy Determine Our Children’s Future
Pennsylvania The Wrong Way to Get Teacher Evaluations Right

Rhode Island Graduation Test Requirements May Get Second Look

Tennessee The Obvious in School Test Scores

Texas Many Students Now Graduate Without Passing STAAR Exit Exams

Washington 48,000 Students Opted Out Across the State
Washington Testing Is One of Top Issues in Teacher Contract Negotiations

Canada Mega-Testing Creates Illusion of Badly Failing Schools

Bad News for Testing Advocates

Student Teachers Are New Casualty of High-Stakes Testing

Free Copies of “Defies Measurement” DVD Available on Request

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