Peter Greene reviews Eli Broad’s plan to privatize at least half of the public schools in Los Angeles. The Beoad Foundation, the Walton Family Foindation have decided to provide privately-managed charter schools for half the district’s schools.

Peter writes:

“My hat is once again off to folks who have the chutzpah to unilaterally declare themselves the head of a previously-democratic sector of society. Did somebody elect the Broad Foundation to the school board of the LA USD? No? Well, why let that stop them from going ahead and setting policy. I think I may go ahead and declare myself the chief of police here in my town, stop down to City Hall, and let them know what the new polici are going to be.”

They have to keep some public schools open to enroll the children who didn’t get accepted by charters or were pushed out or told they were not “the right fit.”

Large numbers of children will be collateral damage, left behind and neglected by the games billionaires play.