Carol Burris, who recently retired as principal of South Side High School in Rockville Center, Néw York, here explains why she supports the Every Child Achieves Act.

She writes:

“It forbids the Federal Government from:

–requiring or promoting teacher evaluation systems.

–setting, mandating or encouraging standards such as the Common Core.

–imposing school improvement strategies.

–taking federal money from states that allow parents to opt their kids out from testing.

“In short, ECAA would require Mr. Duncan to stop imposing his reform strategies on the states and our schools. And that allows all of us to have more influence at the state and local level to help set a better course. No State Education Department can hide behind federal mandates to justify the Common Core or evaluating teachers by test scores.”

The act has too much federal funding for unaccountable charter schools and for school choice.

But Burris believes it is a step forward nonetheless.