A principal sent this account of a teacher’s experience to me:



“Common Core Training for ENCORE Teachers


“(ENCORE = subjects like Health, Physical Education, Art, Music, Technology, Home & Careers)


“The ENCORE subjects were assigned a period to meet with a Common Core Specialist. We were told to bring a sample lesson or activity that we use in class.


“I presented a project that I use at the end of my Violence Prevention Unit. This project allows students to research and bring in any article that interests them about Bullying. The article could represent facts about bullying, prevention tips, victim accounts or any other related material. The article could be from a magazine, a newspaper or an on-line source. Students then are asked to answer 5 questions based on the article they chose.


1. Summarize the Article


2. Personal Reaction to The Article


3. Victim’s Reaction – if you were a victim of bullying how could the information in the article help you work out the situation in a positive way.


4. Parent’s Reaction- if you were a parent of a child being bullied, how could you as a parent use the information in this article to help your child.


5. Your Future- How would this article influence your decision next time you are bullied or you are tempted to bully someone.


“Students then volunteer to share their responses. The responses are powerful.


“The Common Core Trainer stated that this did not follow Common Core Standards because the students need to extract evidence from the article.


“When I stated that the goal of the unit as well as this assignment was to promote empathy and give students the skill to be an upstander for themselves as well as others, I was told by the Common Core Trainer “We don’t care how students feel we want them to be able to extract evidence from the text”. When I challenged that statement I was labeled as uncooperative.”