I wrote yesterday about Néw York Times’ columnist Thomas Friedman and his glowing report on his wife’s boarding school for African-American youth in Baltimore. I concluded that it was no model because of its cost ($40,000 per student), its attrition rate (about 64% don’t make it to graduation), and my sense that efforts to “save” a few students distracted attention from systemic problems of poverty, segregation, and racism. It is not reasonable to think that every impoverished black child should be separated from their families and communities, and it smacks of a sort of neoliberal colonialism. As one reader commented, it is reminiscent of the Indian boarding schools of the late 19th century, intended to strip Indian children of their culture and make them more like whites.

Well, it turns out I was a namby-pamby. Here is a column that eviscerates Friedman and his wife and their school. If I wrote such vitriol, I would be the target of a major Twitter assault and a score of outraged posts.

Read it and let me know what you think.