A letter from a teacher:

Dear Diane,

Is there ANY way to get this website KnowYourCharter and information to the Obama admin and policy makers (maybe more important, the general public) before public ed is completely de-funded and destroyed?

Is there money that can be raised to launch a major ad campaign that can inform the public of what is happening? 60 Minutes maybe? Is anyone out there who is working on this?

The average person is not aware of how out of control things have become. Anyone I talk to who isn’t in education is only vaguely aware of charter schools and not at all aware of the billions that have been made by profiteers and the billions of taxpayer dollars that have been wasted on this insanity. This includes many public school parents.

The “bad school/bad teacher” propaganda has been heard loud and clear. If you repeat a lie loud enough, long enough and often enough, the people will believe it.That’s a paraphrase from Goebbels, Hitler’s propaganda guy. Fraud and waste surely have to be looked into before charter schools are so blindly supported by this administration.

The news that congress plans to increase charter school funding was like a kick in the gut. Charters are supported even by those politicians who have no financial interests. I just don’t get that. This blog is a godsend, and we support and hold each other up, but we are preaching to the choir. We need to reach a much larger audience. The children of America are being screwed.

Just another frustrated Kindergarten teacher California