Darcie Cimarusti, the ever-vigilant blogger known as Mother Crusader, discovered that Pearson is field-testing a PARCC test for 2nd grade in New Jersey public schools.

She went to the PARCC website and learned that Pearson is developing assessments for K-2. These tests will presumably prepare children for the test in the next grade and the grades after that. You can never start the testing too soon!

The children are being used as guinea pigs to help in Pearson’s product development. She guesses they will be subject to the same rules of confidentiality required of students in grades 3-11, even though they are too young to understand what they agree to do–or not do. “Don’t talk about the test.” Of course, to a child, that is probably an incitement to talk about the test.

She poses this question:

The New Jersey Assembly has already passed a bill that would prohibit the administration of non-diagnostic standardized tests prior to 3rd grade. The Senate needs to act now. They have the power to keep Pearson away from our youngest students. If Pearson’s grade 3-11 tests were field tested in NJ in the 2013-14 school year and implemented in the 2014-15 school year, it stands to reason that a Grade 2 field test this year means the introduction of a Grade 2 PARCC test next year.

So what is the NJ Senate waiting for?