A parent reported in an email to me that questions from the ELA tests are plastered on Facebook and other social media, despite Pearson’s efforts to monitor students’ comments on FB or Twitter. While many thousands of parents have opted out, some students are engaging in civil disobedience by copying test questions and releasing them. I read one long and rambling passage written in what I imagine was cowboy slang. I won’t reproduce it because I don’t want to be sued by Pearson.

Teachers are reporting readability levels that are 2-4 grade levels above students’ age/grade. They are also reporting incomprehensible reading passages. A poem on the 6th grade test baffled students and teachers alike.

No one has a final talley on opt outs, but they are likely to exceed 200,000. Wow! Last year it was 60,000.

I have been told by a very high-ranking official in Néw York that the sheer number of opt outs will invalidate the governor’s plan to use the scores to evaluate teachers.

There is so much wrong with these tests and so little willingness to listen by the governor or state board, that only massive civil disobedience was left to parents and students. They are acting in the spirit iof a great American tradition: civil disobedience. Don’t Tread on Me.