From a reader:


To a Teacher Whose Work Has Come to Naught


Consider Ms Jones, putting her best suit on,
chalking her name once more on the board last September,


and think of that first giddy moment a kid connected
to a Sexton poem. Think of the difference it made!


There above are the computers crimping verse into rubrics
and here are the shocked admins pumping past the doomed classroom


and think of the innocent test-
takers who are not doing well.


Larger than software, over the fog
and the blast


of the econometricians, she goes.
Admire her reckless bravery!


Feel the Gatesian fire at her neck
and see how casually


she gazes up and is caught,
a deer momentarily blinded


by ed-reform’s headlights. Who cares that
she scored inefficient?


See her acclaiming the poet and
come tumbling down


While her sensible principal
replaces her with a TFA.