Josh Kaplowitz joined Teach for America to help others and was assigned to a D.C. public school where he had trouble controlling a class of second graders. One of them was especially rambunctious and demanded to go to the bathroom repeatedly. What happened next is not clear. The child said the teacher pushed him out of the room and to the floor; the teacher said he guided him out of the room. Kaplowitz was accused of assault. He was arrested, taken to a police station, detained overnight, fired, and sued for $20 million. The district eventually settled with the mother for $90,000. It was a nightmare for all involved.


A decade later, after he had gone to law school, married, had children, and was working for a law firm in D.C., Kaplowitz got a message on Facebook from the student who had accused him of assault. He was in college, playing football, and doing well. He wanted to meet Kaplowitz. Kaplowitz had to make a decision: to meet or not to meet?


What happens next is a fascinating story.