The Cincinnatti Enquirer reports the growing anger against Common Core testing among parents, teachers, and superintendents.

Ohio proves that opposition to the Common Core is not limited to the Tea Party. Nor is support. One of the strongest supporters of Common Core is conservative Republican Governor John Kasich.

“More area school parents are taking a “none of the above” stance and yanking their kids from what they say is excessive new testing.

“And some area school superintendents are joining them by taking rare, public positions in opposition to state education officials’ backing of new Common Core-inspired testing for grades three through 12 in Ohio.”

“More kids are on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Teachers are putting more pressure on the kids and teachers are worried because the new testing is part of their job evaluations,” said Jay Meyer, a Kings Schools parent who allowed his high school teen to opt out of the new exams.

“Overall, Ohio students this school year – depending on their grade – have seen a sharp increase in the number of exams and practice tests, most driven by the state’s adoption of Common Core standards. For some grades and academic subjects – language arts, math, science and social studies – testing, including practice exams, have nearly tripled from five to 14.

“The state is using new math and English tests this year supplied by the multi-state Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers. The tests are based on the Common Core learning standards.

“Parents are allowed to opt out of testing by informing their local schools in writing.”

The reason for all this testing is to raise scores on international tests, but none of the high-performing nations test every child every year. Standards don’t raise test scores. Instruction does. Tests don’t raise test scores; they are a measure, not a remedy.

Our policymakers are ill-informed, know nothing of education research, and lack common sense.