David Sirota, crack investigative journalist, sent out a notice that he is a character on a sitcom that debuts tomorrow night:





Some fun news – Wednesday night, 2/18, the awkward teenage sitcom version of me will make his debut on ABC’s primetime sitcom, “The Goldbergs.” That’s right, the recurring character is named David Sirota and is a mostly-true-to-life replica of me as an early teenager. Apparently, tomorrow show will also feature (hugely embarrassing!) real-life clips of me as a teenager, to show just how accurately rendered the sitcom character is. Check local listings for when the show airs in your area, set your DVRs – or find it on Hulu.


A bit of background if you happen to be interested: Adam Goldberg, the creator of the show and the central character, is one of my closest friends since middle school. We grew up together in the suburbs outside Philadelphia, where the show takes place. Apparently, you will see my spazziness and my insane obsession with the Philadelphia 76ers on full display in the show.


For laughs, I’ve attached a photo I took during a recent visit to the set – it shows me and the actor who plays me. It’s surreal to watch myself become a sitcom character – especially on a 1980s show after I recently wrote a book about the 1980s. But I can echo what Adam has told reporters about the sitcom rendering of his own family: as ridiculous and embarrassing as the sitcom version of me is, the character you’ll see on the show is probably a LESS ridiculous and embarrassing version of the actual teenage me. Hard to believe, I know – but it’s true.


I hope you will tune in – it’s a really funny sitcom, and a good ride back to a bygone era.