In Connecticut, a formal investigation of Families for Excellent Schools and Jumoke Academy concluded that the growing charter chain–a favorite of top state officials–engaged in unchecked nepotism, with little or no supervision by the state. Be it noted that Governor Dan Malloy appointed Andrea Comer, chief operating officer of FUSE to the state Board of Education. Comer resigned from her position at FUSE after the scandals surrounding Michael Sharpe broke, and she also resigned from the State Board of EducAtion.


The Hartford Courant reports:


The Jumoke Academy charter school operation was saddled with “rampant nepotism,” imposed little or no oversight on former CEO Michael Sharpe and made repeated financial missteps that could sink the organization within three years, according to a 99-page investigative report ordered by the state Department of Education.


The report, released Friday afternoon and coming in the midst of an FBI investigation of Jumoke and the closely related Family Urban Schools of Excellence, mirrors reporting by The Courant since June. The state report was especially critical of Sharpe, who hired multiple family members, gave work to the relatives of Jumoke executives, approved the hiring of felons for school jobs and oversaw “expensive and ornate modifications” to a Jumoke-owned apartment that he later rented. Sharpe resigned on June 21.
“There were virtually no checks and balances in place to control Mr. Sharpe’s actions at Jumoke,” the report’s author, Hartford attorney Frederick L. Dorsey, wrote. “Michael Sharpe basically had unfettered control of Jumoke from the time he was appointed CEO in 2003, and even after he had transitioned in July 2012 from CEO of Jumoke to CEO of FUSE.”


Here is the full report: