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As you give thanks over the upcoming holiday, please join FairTest in our gratitude for the thousands of parents, teachers, students, administrators, community activists, school board members, researchers and commentators who are standing up to protect our children from standardized testing misuse and overuse. Here are a few of their recent stories.



Test Scores Likely to Plunge on New Common Core Tests


Colorado State Board of Education Unanimously Endorses Testing Cutback
Study Finds Colorado Testing Costs $78 Million a Year Plus Teacher Time


Jeb Bush Faces Presidential Campaign Backlash for Florida Education Policies
Central Florida School Board Advances Resolution to Allow Parents to Exempt Children Out of Standardized Exams
Orlando Florida School Board Supports Two-Year Exemption From Test-Based Teacher Evaluation


Illinois Parents, Teachers Fight to Delay New State Exam
Standardized Testing Blocks Teaching and Learning in Illinois


Massachusetts Drops Plan to Base Teacher Licenses on Student Test Scores
Massachusetts Should Look to New York Performance Standards Consortium Model


One-Size-Fits-All Testing Not the Answer for Missouri Schools


New Mexico “Take the Test” Day Shows Parents, Teachers What Today’s Students Face
Albuquerque, N.M., Schools Unsure They Have Capacity for New Computerized Testing


Testing Fuels Anxiety in New York State Schools — great letter to the editor
New York Parents Reject State’s “Mandatory” Field Test Plan
New York Teachers Say Field Tests Waste Valuable Education Time


Ohio House Passes Bill to Cut Student Testing Time in Half
Time Limits on Ohio Testing Time A First Step Toward Assessment Reform


Oklahoma Teachers’ Refusal to Give Tests Puts Jobs at Risk


Pennsylvania Opt-Out Movement Grows as Philadelphia City Council Holds Hearing on Testing


A Path Beyond the Opt-Out Movement


A Generation Betrayed By Standardized Testing Obsession


Educational “Accountability” As Disaster Bureaucracy


True Accountability: Giving All Kids a Fair Shot


Education Reform Lexicon for Paradigm Busters





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