In his weekly report on testing reform and resistance, Bob Schaeffer of FairTest finds widespread sentiment to reduce the time devoted to testing, the frequency of tests, and the high stakes attached to them.

Here is his summary of the testing and anti-testing activities:

Want more proof that the assessment reform movement is exploding across the nation? Check out this week’s stories from 22 (!) states along with several great commentaries.

As always, let FairTest know how we can help you keep the heat on at the grassroots.

Arizona District Seeks Exemption From New State Test

Education Groups Seek Delay of California Test-Based School Ratings

Thousands of Colorado High School Students Refuse to Take State Tests

Is Colorado Student Opt-Out a Harbinger of Broader Protests?

Coloradans Launch Petition to Overturn Test-Based Teacher Evaluation

High-Stakes Testing Pressure Drives Experienced Teachers Out of Florida Classrooms

More Central Florida Families Consider Opting Out of State Exams

Florida Teachers Consider Civil Disobedience to Say “No” to Testing

The Problems With Using Tests to Rate Georgia Art, Gym and Music Teachers

Why One Illinois Parent Opted Her Children Out of State Exams

Film Premiere Sparks Indiana Opt-Out Movement

Indiana Panel Asks Whether Testing Has Gone Too Far

Iowa Parents Should Stand Up to Claims They Have No Opt-Out Rights

How Frequently Should Kansas School Children Be Tested?

Debate Ranges About How Much Time Maryland Students Should Spend Testing

Minnesota Legislators Plan Bills to Cut Back Testing

No Quick Fix for Minnesota Achievement Gap

Parents Push Back Against New Jersey’s Latest Standardized Exam

Local New Jersey Education Ass’n Adopts Strong Position on High-Stakes Testing

Teachers Add Critical Voice to New Jersey Commission Investigating Testing

New Mexico Teachers Say Testing Overkill is Undermining Education

Common Core Tests Prompt New Mexico Backlash

New York Regents Try to Make Field Tests “Mandatory” to Combat Exam Boycotts

Local North Carolina School Boards Seek End of State-Mandated, Test-Based School Grades

Ohio Legislative Committee Approves Limits on Testing Time

Oklahoma First Grade Teachers Explain Why They Won’t Administer Standardized Test

Oregon Educators Offer Advice on Aiding Families Who Want to Opt Out of Testing

Pennsylvania School Ratings Not Accurate Measure of Educational Effectiveness

Local Super Blasts Pennsylvania’s Biased School Grades for Ignoring Poverty

Resignation of Tennessee Ed. Commissioner Creates Opening for Testing Overhaul–cms-23466

Virginia Test-Review Commission Prepares Recommendations

Washington State Super Seeks State Grad Test Repeal

Q & A With FairTest on Assessment Reform

FairTest on Education Town Hall Radio

“Smarter Balanced” Tests Not Ready for Prime Time

Can We Stop Relying on Standardized Tests to Drive Education Reform

Making Ed Reform a True Civil Rights Movement By Overhauling Test-Based Accountability

Is Common Core Testing “A Cash-Grabbing Hoax?”

“This is Not a Test” — Review of Jose Luis Vilson’s New Book by Diane Ravitch

Don’t Copy China’s Test-Prep Culture

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