Gary Rubinstein was a member of one of the first Teach for America in 1991. Since then, he became a career teacher. He teaches high school math in Néw York City. About four years ago, Gary began to speak out against TFA. He has written many posts about the flaws of TFA but this one is the most scathing I have read.

He refers to TFA as “Bait-and-Switch for America.”

He writes:

“Joining the 2015 TFA corps is a terrible mistake. Two years from now everyone will know this, but right now TFA has managed to get a few last lies out of their well-oiled PR machine and lure a few more unsuspecting kids into their trap. But here’s the problem with TFA: They are a bunch of self-serving liars and anyone who joins up with them is an accomplice to any of the damage that this lying results in.

“Take a claim, any claim, from TFA. It’s either completely untrue, or just extremely exaggerated. I’ve debunked so many of their claims, I’ve lost count though you can go through my archives if you want. As their lies get uncovered, TFA has changed their message. The big thing they say now is that TFA is not a teacher training organization, but a leadership pipeline, or something.”

He adds:

“TFA is a lot like the candy store that serves as a front for the racketeering outfit in the back room. That candy store isn’t a dangerous candy store at face value. They don’t poison the candy, for example. And working at that candy store might seem like an innocuous thing to do, selling candy, keeping the place as tidy as you can. But what’s going on in that back room is causing a thousand times more damage than any of the good that is coming from your work in the front. But they need that candy store and they need workers there so you’re going to have to decide if you really have to be one of them.”

There is much more. Read it.

TFA has a PR operation to protect their brand. The PR team must be very busy.